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My Career as an Enthusiastic SEO Professional

Hello! My name is Anup Joshi, and I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am a Lecturer and also a senior SEO professional in Orka Socials. I enjoy teaching, but I’ve always been interested in digital marketing, especially SEO and programming.

When I began my bachelor’s education, I wanted to study IT, but there were few institutions so the only alternative was to pursue computer engineering. However, the quality of education was insufficient, therefore I opted to continue my education as a science student..

As there is a saying.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

-Anthony J. D’Angelo

I never stopped seeking experience as an SEO professional. I was interested in learning more about Digital Marketing and my expertise in SEO. So, I read my friends’ books, went online for research, and taught myself.

I’ve watched more than 100 videos and read a lot of articles about the top SEO strategies implemented by SEO Gurus such as Brian Dean, Kyle Roof, Matt Diggity, and Steven Kang. I’ve learned a lot about SEO through study and experimentation. With lots of learning and testing, I’ve gained a lot regarding SEO but still not enough. 

And when I found about SEO I fell in love with it.

My Journey to Orka Socials : SEO Agency in Kathmandu, Nepal

I worked as a part-timer and a freelancer for a long time as a SEO professional. At a point, I realized that I need some mentorship and a roadmap to achieve my dream as an SEO expert. So, I applied to some renowned companies in town in Kathmandu along with Orka Socials: A SEO agency in Kathmandu. And in a short interview, some SEO agencies offered me a good salary and position.

But I decided to join Orka Socials despite the CEO was offering me free internship for some time period. I joined Orka Socials because I wanted to specialize in a certain area of SEO. What I had was a holistic knowledge and even a doctor needs to do MD, Why not me? And other agencies wanted me to work as a full-stack player.

There is also another reason for joining Orka Socials. The Orka Socials was at its growing position when I joined it. And I wanted to feel the dreams and passion of a growing SEO company that is what would have missed if I’ve joined some reputed SEO companies.

My Expertise in SEO

I would like to introduce myself as a Full -stack SEO player Because I’ve worked in every field of SEO and I follow best SEO practices to drive good traffic to your site. As a SEO professional I can track your local business and lead toward the first page of Google rankings, no matter what niche your business belongs to. 

How my SEO services can help you?

Being an SEO practitioner, I can help any business to build a perfect strategy that can eventually help them to grow their presence in the market. 

I provide a data-driven strategy and proven roadmaps with best SEO practices followed by the SEO experts that has helped many business to drive traffic to their doors.

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You can easily find me on Google Maps. Using the calendar above, you can book a meeting date for a free consultation or scan the QR code in the footer section. If you prefer to visit me in person, please visit Koteshwor, Kathmandu. My location is 300 meters from Tribhuvan International Airport and 200 meters from Gwarko, Lalitpur.