Case Study: Online Travel Agency (OTA)


In this case study, we will examine how a leading Online Travel Agency (OTA) faced significant technical and on-page SEO challenges and how a comprehensive strategy was implemented to address these issues, resulting in a remarkable 3X increase in organic traffic within six months.

Business Background

The OTA business specializes in hotel bookings and travel packages. Despite a strong presence in the travel industry, the company encountered several critical issues affecting its online visibility and user experience.

Challenges Faced

The OTA website was built using React, but it suffered from a range of technical issues:

Missing Canonical Tags

The absence of canonical tags led to duplicate content issues, causing confusion for search engines.

Unformatted Slug Structures

Unstructured slugs hindered Google’s ability to interpret and index the website’s content effectively.

Redirection Issues

Poorly managed redirections resulted in broken links and a disjointed user experience.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) Issues

The site had a suboptimal Core Web Vitals (CWV) score, which negatively impacted user experience and SEO rankings.

In addition to these technical challenges, the website also had on-page SEO issues:

Meta Tag Optimization 

The meta tags were not optimized for relevant keywords, affecting click-through rates (CTR) and search engine rankings.

Inadequate Title and Descriptions

The titles and descriptions lacked clarity and relevance to the content, reducing their effectiveness.

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Solution Implemented

To address these challenges, a comprehensive SEO strategy was developed and executed:

Technical SEO Audit

A thorough technical SEO audit was conducted using Screaming Frog, which identified and listed all the technical issues.

Recommendations to the Development Team 

The SEO team recommended that the development team address the canonical tag and slug structure issues, as well as optimize redirections and improve CLS.

Keyword Research 

Extensive keyword research was performed to identify high-potential keywords and content opportunities.

Content Gap Analysis: 

A competitive analysis was conducted to identify gaps in the OTA’s content compared to competitors.

Keyword Optimization

Sweet spot keywords were identified and optimized to achieve rapid results in search engine rankings.

Content Creation

New, high-quality content was created to fill the identified content gaps and target the optimized keywords.

Location-Based Landing Pages 

To enhance local SEO, individual landing pages were created for various locations and optimized with local entities and keywords.

Site Structure Improvement 

A structured site architecture was established to improve user experience and search engine crawlers’ efficiency.


holiday pasal six month data

The implementation of the above strategies yielded remarkable results:

3X Increase in Organic Traffic: Within just six months, the OTA experienced a substantial threefold increase in organic website traffic.

By addressing technical issues, optimizing on-page elements, and creating high-value content, the OTA successfully revitalized its online presence, enhanced user experience, and significantly improved its search engine rankings.

Time Duration

Six Months

Final Say

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a holistic SEO approach in overcoming technical and on-page challenges, ultimately driving substantial organic traffic growth and positioning the OTA business for long-term success in the competitive online travel industry.

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