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This case study delves into the transformation of an e-commerce marketplace facing various challenges, including technical issues, keyword cannibalization, and poor search engine rankings. With a strategic approach encompassing thorough keyword research, competitive analysis, technical optimization, and content restructuring, the marketplace was able to reposition itself for growth and overcome its dominant competitor. This case study outlines the step-by-step process and results achieved through these efforts.


In the highly competitive landscape of e-commerce, gaining visibility and achieving top rankings on search engines are pivotal for success. This case study explores the journey of an e-commerce marketplace grappling with technical deficiencies and SEO challenges. The marketplace aimed to enhance its online presence, increase organic traffic, and challenge the dominance of a well-reputed brand in the market.

Challenges Faced

Technical Issues: The marketplace had several technical issues, including non-indexed pages and poor Core Web Vitals scores, adversely affecting its search engine performance.

Keyword Cannibalization: Multiple pages were competing for the same keywords, causing confusion for search engines and hindering the marketplace’s ranking potential.

Low Search Engine Rankings: Targeted keywords were not ranking well, primarily because the pages were not optimized for search engines.

Improved Impressions and clicks

My Winning Methodology

To address these challenges, a comprehensive approach was devised, involving the following steps:

Comprehensive Keyword Research:

A meticulous keyword research process was initiated to identify high-potential keywords that aligned with the marketplace’s products and audience. Long-tail keywords were also prioritized to tap into niche markets.

Competitive Analysis:

In-depth analysis of ideal competitors was conducted to understand their strategies, identify gaps, and capitalize on opportunities. This helped in refining the marketplace’s positioning and differentiating it from the dominant brand.

Technical Optimization:

To rectify technical issues, a multi-faceted approach was adopted. This included addressing non-indexed pages, optimizing site speed and Core Web Vitals, and improving overall website structure.

Content Restructuring:

Existing pages were optimized with the newly identified keywords, and redundant content was eliminated to resolve keyword cannibalization issues. Fresh, informative, and engaging content was created to provide value to users.

Internal Linking:

A robust internal linking structure was established to ensure the efficient flow of link juice throughout the website, enhancing the overall SEO profile.


The implementation of the above strategy yielded significant results:

Improved Search Rankings:

The marketplace witnessed a notable improvement in search engine rankings for its targeted keywords. This led to increased organic traffic and visibility. The GSC data shows the improved clicks by almost 50% in six months.

Bizbazar six month data

Enhanced User Experience:

Technical optimizations and improved Core Web Vitals scores contributed to a better user experience, reducing bounce rates and increasing user engagement.

Competitive Edge:

The marketplace gained a competitive edge over the dominant brand by strategically positioning itself and offering a unique value proposition. The brand started ranking in the top three positions in the targeted keywords resulting in improvement in branding and authority.

Revenue Growth:

The increase in organic traffic and improved rankings translated into higher conversion rates and revenue growth for the marketplace.

Time Duration:

Six months.


This case study illustrates the transformation of an e-commerce marketplace from a struggling platform with technical issues and SEO challenges into a thriving competitor in its niche. By addressing technical deficiencies, resolving keyword cannibalization, and implementing a robust SEO strategy, the marketplace not only improved its search engine rankings but also challenged the dominance of a well-reputed brand. This comprehensive approach serves as a testament to the effectiveness of strategic SEO efforts in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape.


We would like to express our gratitude to the dedicated team members and technica team of the Marketplace who contributed to the successful execution of this SEO initiative, as well as to the marketplace’s management for their trust and support throughout the process.

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